ATENCIÓN! Os informamos que la única via de recogida de CV es a través de este portal web. No se aceptarán CV en ningún otro formato en nuestras oficinas de GRANDVALIRA RESORTS ANDORRA. Gracias.



  1. Confirmation: The adventure begins once the company has confirmed your job by e-mail and/or personally.
  2. Pre-contract: If you live outside the European Community, you will receive the pre-contract for future procedures and to be able to travel without problems.

    · Necessary documentation:

    - Criminal record issued by the country/ies of nationality and residence, authenticated with an apostille by The Hague

    - Passport photo

    - Confirmed round-trip airline ticket (the return must be to your country of origin and the deadline date 05/10)

    - Pre-contract made by Grandvalira

    * All documents must be in PDF format.

  3. Processing the permit SIf it’s the first time you’re going to be working in Andorra, processing can take between 4 and 5 working days (as long as the necessary documents have been provided). On the other hand, if you’re a returning worker, the processing usually takes 3 working days.

  4. Initial training. We have two starting groups at Grandvalira:
    • First group: Starts the day of or one day before the resort opens to the public. First week of December.
    • Second group: Starts just before the Christmas holiday period.
    • All new members of staff receive mandatory training about the company and their job. When? Between 1 and 3 days before the start date.

  5. Opening a bank account in Andorra: It is essential – and mandatory according to employment law – to open a bank account with a financial institution in Andorra that your wages can be paid into. (Information is available from HR about the special conditions for ENSISA employees).



  1. Application for immigration permission (document completed in HR).

  2. Original and copy of a valid national ID document or passport. . People from countries outside the European Union (EU) must show that they have been in the EU for fewer than 90 days by means of the stamp in their passport. Likewise, if they plan to travel in the EU after working in Andorra, it is important to carry out this procedure as the time spent working in Andorra does not count towards the permitted 90-day visa-free stay.

  3. Documents demonstrating training or experience.

    People who have already worked in Andorra before must present the certificates for the training completed (ski resort operations agent, instructor or ski patrol qualification, etc.).

    People who have already worked in Andorra before, must present a a points statement from CASS (the Andorran social security system administrator). It is highly recommended to set up an online account on the CASS website (not only to avoid travel and costs, but also to update personal and bank details). If you’ve never worked in Andorra: demonstrate training or experience.

    • Training: demonstrate training related to the job that is going to be performed = study certificate or qualification.


    In the case of ski patrol, a first-level qualification (usually the first 2 years of university or vocational training) is required; in the case of ski or snow instructors, a minimum Level 1 qualification is required, validated in Andorra by the EFPEM (School of Sport and Mountain Profession Training of Andorra. More information:

    • Experience: confirm, through a letter or certificate, the companies where you have worked that are related to the job to be performed. The letters or certificates must be original, signed and stamped, and must clearly state the contact person and telephone number. The immigration department checks the truthfulness of the information.
      • Staff who are EU nationals and who work in the operations area must demonstrate at least 1 season of experience depending on the role they are going to perform.
      • Staff from outside the EU must demonstrate 2 years’ experience depending on the role they are going to perform.

  4. Criminal record issued by the country/ies of nationality and residence, authenticated with an apostille by The Hague.
    • For countries that do NOT have an agreement with The Hague, the criminal record must be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the country in question and by the French or Spanish consulate in said country. The record must state that it has been issued in order to enable the holder to work in Andorra. If the procedure is done at the French Consulate, the validation process in Andorra will be quicker. Once the record has been brought to Andorra, it must be submitted to the Andorran Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Official Procedures Office (Tràmits) in Andorra la Vella) for validation. The validation process generally takes 2-3 working days.
    • If you have dual nationality, you must submit criminal records for both countries (e.g. Argentina and Italy) and both records must be authenticated with an apostille from The Hague. This requirement shall apply even if you have never resided in one of the countries of which you are a national.
    • If you are a resident of a country that is different to your country of nationality, you must submit your criminal record for both countries.
    • Criminal records issued by countries that DO have an agreement with The Hague, but have been processed via the consulate and have not been authenticated with an apostille, must be validated by the Andorran Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the validation process generally takes 2-3 working days) before applying for a work permit.
  5. 2 colour ID photos (35 x 40 mm), , without glasses, hats, etc.
  6. Certificate of accommodation or rental contract. If you are not named on the contract, a certificate is required confirming that you live at that address. (The HR department can provide a template).

  7. Certificate of marital status (unless you are single). If the person is single, they will sign an unmarried status declaration (document provided by HR). In all other cases it is necessary to present the family record book or certificate.

  8. Medical examination.

  9. 2 up-to-date, signed CVs.
  10. Covid-19:

    All foreign personnel, whatever nationality they are, must meet some of the following requirements:

    1. Be vaccinated against COVID-19 and that 14 calendar days have elapsed since the date of administration of the last dose of the complete vaccination regimen. This condition is accredited with a vaccination certificate.

    2. Having passed the disease in less than 6 months. This condition is accredited with a certificate of recovery.
    3. Having passed the disease and being vaccinated against COVID-19 with one dose of the vaccine and that 14 days have passed since its administration. This condition is accredited with the corresponding certificates.

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